LOUIS VUITTON x NIKE AIR FORCE 1 finally goes on the market soon!?

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Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 production model finally revealed?

LOUIS VUITTON The NIKE AIR FORCE 1 that appeared in the 2022 SS collection and was put up for auction is finally on standby for a commercial model? Some colours were revealed by some domestic and international media. In India, it is said to have been provided by the PR of LOUIS VUITTON, and there seems to be no doubt that it exists. Other models have not been leaked at all at the moment, whether they are sales models, how they are sold in the first place and how much they cost, but it is rumored that a very few customers have been contacted. Will we really be able to get our hands on one? We look forward to further information.

Coming in Inida !? Stay Tuned!