[Leak] NIKE DUNK LOW “OCEAN” coming soon in India Sneakers

NIKE DUNK shoes are now available in a deep blue-green color that is said to be inspired by the ocean, and official product images have been uploaded as the pair is scheduled to be released soon in India.

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Nike Dunk Low

Originally released in 1985 as the Be True to Your School series with the college colors of the NCAA (National Collegiate Basketball Association) powerhouses, the series was reissued in 1999 and expanded in 2005 as the SB DUNK, the NIKE DUNK ( The new Nike Dunk LOW model is a bi-color model, which can be said to be a classic, and the uneven layer parts of deep blue-green and the white color of the smooth leather are impressive.

Dunk Low design inspired by Ocean

It is said to be inspired by the sea, and the blue-green color layer parts that imagine the color of the deep sea, with a graphic of the sea surface on the shoe tongue label, and the outsole has a marble pattern with an image of white waves.

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