[Leak] NIKE AIR JORDAN 1 CHICAGO Reimagined to be released 29/10/2022 INDIA

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Release on the 29th of October 2022! 16/03 updated

The AIR JORDAN is one of NIKE’s most popular models and is sold as an independent Jordan brand. The first color of the AIR JORAN 1 was the CHICAGO color, which was announced and released as a signature model, and while a reissue of the CHICAGO color, the 1st color of the AIR JORAN 1, is awaited, it is rumored that a reworked pair of the CHICAGO color, named Reimagined, will be released within the year 2022.

Another Models are coming Updated this March 2022.

Update 06/03/2022 Furthermore, it was leaked that AIR JORDAN 2 CHICAGO color will be reissued in succession.